Surround Parliament

The image shows a computer screen displaying a webpage with a protest message against the killing of black individuals and an attack on nature, indicating a planned rally at parliament on 21 april 2023.The image displays a webpage with a blue banner containing text that seems to call for a large gathering or protest, urging 100,000 people to surround parliament on 21 april 2023 and stay until a certain demand is met, which is not fully readable in the cropped image. the text below speaks to people who wish to participate, suggesting that if the targeted number of people stay, they will succeed. the text also hints at various groups supporting the movement, including the nurses union, the national trust, and greenpeace, though the complete details and context are not visible in the image.The image displays a computer screen with a web page open, showing a message that urges action regarding an event set for 21 april 2023, emphasizing the importance of participation and hinting at a significant outcome or change akin to the fall of the berlin wall. there are buttons prompting users to pledge attendance, bring friends, share memes, and take a quiz, suggesting an interactive campaign.Blurry image of a person in motion with a website popup message overlaying the photo.A promotional quiz banner overlaid on a blurred image of a crowd with the text, "take the quiz: will you surround parliament from 21st april? answer correctly to be in with a chance to win. terms and conditions apply: hope is a verb," with a clickable button labeled "i will.

Campaign website with the aim to boost the efforts of Extinction Rebellion UK and engaging people from outside the climate movement bubble to take part in the multi day mobilisation in April 2023 known as the big one. Collage made by Andy Smith.