People vs Oil

Protest poster with the slogan "people vs oil" calling for a march, symbolising the conflict between human interests and fossil fuel consumption.A row of vibrant orange and black protest posters on a public display board, promoting unity and action with the word "people" prominently featured and a graphic of a raised fist incorporated into a skull design.Two utility boxes with advocacy posters promoting environmental activism. the posters read "people vs oil", with a graphic design symbolizing a standoff between humanity and oil, inviting passersby to join a march for the cause.Two individuals standing by a wall with artistic posters, one of whom is reaching out to touch the artwork, on a street named cremer st.An aerial view of a large environmental-themed sand drawing next to a roadway, featuring the text "people vs oil" and an illustration of a child, with an emphasis on raising awareness about climate change and fossil fuel dependency.Billboard showing an advertisement with multiple stickers obscuring the main message, featuring a person working, with text on the right that reads, "right now, good things are happening at [obscured].A protest flyer with bold lettering stating "people vs oil" attached to a blue corrugated surface, encouraging public demonstration with a website link for more information.

National poster campaign to announce Just Stop Oil’s next wave of actions in Autumn 2023. The skull, which was painted by an 8 year-old, has become the new logo of Just Stop Oil. As part of the campaign someone created a giant version of our poster on Scarborough Beach.