Getting shit done in the North East

A man determined and focused, ready to tackle tasks with a regional flair that challenges the status quo.A collage of photos featuring a man in different outfits and settings, with overlay text creating a humorous message that reads "thank you for supporting not you a new green deal.A distracted young man looking back at a list of progressive political issues while walking with a label indicating conservative fiscal rules.The image appears to be a humorous meme contrasting two scenes with overlaid text to create a metaphorical relationship between them. the top part of the image shows two people in a swimming pool, labeled as "random police commissioner" and "keir starmer," implying a positive and close relationship. the bottom part of the image shows a solitary figure, presumably underwater, labeled "the north east," suggesting isolation or neglect. the meme likely aims to convey a message about political dynamics or perceptions of attention given to different entities or regions.Man expertly flipping a pancake in the kitchen as a metaphor for defying expectations.

Memes and outreach materials supporting Green New Deal Rising’s campaign to get Jamie Driscoll elected as the mayor for the North East.